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Quincy E. Booth, Esq.

If you or a loved one have been injured, you need to be compensated. You also need assurances that your attorney will work relentlessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

Attorneys at The Booth Firm have helped obtain over $650 Million for their clients who were unfortunately involved in and/or were the family members of individuals injured in catastrophic accidents. These complex cases involve dangerous products, devastating motor vehicle and trucking accidents, construction accidents and other incidents involving life-altering injuries that were caused by someone or some company’s negligence or reckless conduct.

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Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents happen due to unsafe driving, bad road conditions, operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and due to dangerously defective automobile parts. Victims of motor vehicle accidents, and/or their dependents, are entitled to monetary compensation when injured as a result of an automobile accident. Under certain circumstances these claimants may receive punitive damages which are intended to punish outrageous and reckless conduct.


Accidents involving commercial vehicles and trucks can be tragic for everyone involved – yet despite being avoidable devastating truck accidents happen. Securing accident scene and necessary investigative materials is difficult and requires immediate attention to preserve relevant evidence.


Hiring a qualified attorney is important to the integrity of your case and for preserving critical evidence because evidence can be overlooked or even altered by trucking companies and/or their attorneys and electronically-stored information can be intentionally or accidentally erased. Additionally, federal motor safety carrier standards may be implicated and it is key to have an attorney that understands how to use those regulations to increase the value of your case.

Construction Accidents

Construction lawsuits can involve catastrophic accidents that happen due to dangerous worksite conditions. They frequently involve violations of federal safety rules enforced by OSHA that are intended to protect carpenters, electricians, steelworkers, stevedores, laborers, carpenters, contractors and many others. The Booth Firm will guide your case through foreign territory full of legal standards, regulations and statutes ensuring that injured workers are compensated, able to live the rest of their lives and provide for their families.


The Booth Firm fights relentlessly to overcome the defenses frequently argued by defendants and their insurance carriers such as the borrowed servant doctrine, workers compensation immunity, assumption of the risk, etc.

Dangerous Products

When a person is injured by a defective product, the seller and/or manufacturer may be required to compensate injured users or bystanders. Product liability claims may be pursued when products could have been more safely designed, lacked an element necessary to make them safe for their intended use or otherwise lacked a warning about safety risks. Claims about dangerous products fall under three main categories: design defects, manufacturing defects, and failure to warn cases. These lawsuits include injuries caused by household appliances, automobiles or motor vehicles, industrial and work-place equipment, portable heaters and virtually any consumer products.


Clients of The Booth Firm count on having an attorney that knows and does what it takes to prove that the product in question caused the injury due to a design o manufacturing defect or failure to warn. The Booth Firm knows how to succeed at product liability claims based on the risk of harm outweighing the utility of product and/or claims based on whether the product performed as a reasonable consumer would expect. Attorneys at The Booth Firm have successfully pursued and resolved complex cases involving dangerous products produced by national and multi-national companies ranging from original equipment manufacturers to distributors to retailers.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases involve injuries caused by a medical or health care professional and/ or a health care organization deviating from relevant medical and corporate standards in the negligent provision of care, adoption or formulation of inadequate or unreasonable policies and procedures and liability-producing corporate decisions involving staff, resources and training that causes or gives rise to a patient’s injury.

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases include slip/trip and falls that occur on another’s property and holding the party or entity in possession of the land responsible for certain injuries caused by dangerous conditions on the land. Several hazardous conditions can cause severe injuries, including open and unguarded excavations, uneven pavement, standing water, crumbling curbs, wet floors, uncleared snow, icy walks, falling objects, inadequate security, insufficient lighting, concealed holes, improperly secured mats and more. Call The Booth Firm if you or a loved one has fallen and been injured on another person’s property.

Liquor Liability

Dram shop Liability, also known as liquor liability is when an accident is caused by the negligence and recklessness of bartenders or waiters excessively serving alcohol to someone who is visibly intoxicated and that person  goes out and causes a vehicular or some other type of devastating accident resulting in an innocent third party being injured or even the person who was excessively served. Each state has varying liquor liability laws so contact The Booth Firm to determine the viability of prevailing at trial and for assistance and unparalleled advocacy with navigating your lawsuit.

Estate Planning & Administration

Opening an estate upon someone’s death could be necessary for either litigation purposes or to transfer the assets of a loved one including property such as real estate. The Booth Firm is proud to assist its clients with all estate planning and administration needs. This entails proactively drafting wills to avoid uncertainty about how your property will be distributed upon your death, opening an estate and ushering individuals through the administration process and consulting clients about everything in between.


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Hear From Our Clients


I hired Quincy Booth at The Booth Firm to handle my automobile accident case. I was seriously injured when another driver ran through a red light. The driver was driving a commercial vehicle but claimed he was “not on duty” at the time of the accident. Mr. Booth was so experienced and knowledgable at dealing with the legal arguments the defendant driver was making and Mr. Booth was able to secure a large settlement based on the commercial policy for the driver. This was a great resolution for my case because the driver’s personal policy was only $15,000 and my injuries required hospitalization, surgery and months of therapy. I highly recommend The Booth Firm if you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence or recklessness of another.


Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!


Quincy Booth was excellent at representing me in the formation of my business. The Booth Firm maintained the highest level of professionalism in negotiating certain vendor agreements and in assisting me and my partner in the corporate governance nuances that are involved when starting a business and getting it off the ground. The best part is that our initial consultation with The Booth Firm was so informative and FREE!! There is no reason not to call Quincy and learn about what he and attorneys at The Booth Firm can do for you!


I was injured by a drunk driver 2 years ago. Mr. Booth was able to thoroughly investigate the parties responsible for my injuries which involved the bar that served the driver who hit me. When I called The Booth Firm, I was given a free consultation but it was so much more than that. Mr. Booth guided me through the entire lifecycle of my case giving me the assurances that I needed to make the decision on who to hire. On top of that, Mr. Booth executed his plan and got me the resolution and money I needed! I highly recommend The Booth Firm to handle your or your loved ones’ personal injury cases.


Mr. Booth is very professional when he gives you guidance and legal advice. He was so knowledgeable during my free consultation and I have recommended him to all of my friends and family because although the firm is small by numbers, there is a big big benefit to using The Booth Firm’s services for your legal needs.


I slipped and fell at a Wawa and the company tried to bury the incident report because it was a strong piece of evidence for my case. Mr. Booth fought relentlessly to ensure the Court oversaw the litigation process and he enlisted the help of the Court to obtain from Wawa the evidence that turned my case around. I highly recommend Quincy and The Booth Firm to handle your personal injury matters.


Mr. Booth was very responsive to any time I had a question or concern. It was as if he dropped everything he was doing to make sure he called me back when I called or emailed him with questions. He also held my hand through the process of setting up doctor’s appointments and follow up visits. I went into my deposition very confident that I was prepared by a really good attorney and I was more than satisfied with the settlement Mr. Booth obtained for me.


My grandmother passed and I used The Booth Firm to handle the estate administration process. He handled everything soup to nuts from getting the death certificate all the way to getting her property sold and getting the money from that sale into my hands. And he got this done QUICKLY. He also charged a very fair rate for these services. After calling around and hearing how other attorneys seemed indifferent to my family’s loss, I knew Mr. Booth was the one to go with because he was genuine and cared about making sure this was as simple and seamless a process as it could be for me and my family.

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